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Sushi Weekend

By March 5, 2012CrossFit, Food, Weekend

Originally we had hoped to jet Β to Springfield for an early birthday weekend (I’m turning 30!), but creeping work deadlines and our “better judgement” to instead hoard our money altered plans at the last minute. But undeterred we decided to still do something special.


We started Friday with some cheat snacks, mainly rum + misc soda/juice and some nut chips with salsa and hummus. We aren’t Guy Fieri fans, but when Neil came across his salsa at the grocery store, decided to give it a try. Is there anything that man hasn’t branded? We spent the rest of the night (and into the early morning) camped on the couch playing SSX. It is SO much harder than previous versions!

The biggest bummer of staying home was that we were missing out on one of our favorite restaurants, a sushi place called Umi. While we definitely can’t replicate it, we have been able to make some tasty sushi at home in the past to get our fix. On Saturday morning, we picked up all the goods for TWO batches of sushi.


The most painstaking part of sushi making is definitely the rice. It has to be perfect or it just doesn’t work. With a lot of practice and trial and error Neil has become so good at it (I know I’m biased), and every batch is better than the last.



We of course had our full counterside audience. Our floors are SO clean — if you discount all the slobber.


They have no shame in begging for scraps of leftover veggies.


Gratuitous Bostie shot. He was so derpy that this was the clearest of about twenty images I took of him jumping around.


We enjoyed Guinness and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout while we waited for our sushi to set. Young’s is my favorite, not something I specifically picked to go with this meal. Priorities!




Neil also made a fabulous eel sauce that we drizzled on top. It’s the first time we’ve made it ourselves and it is definitely coming back. It was so good! We spent the rest of Saturday in a half-work sushi coma cycle. Rice is definitely filling if you don’t eat it often.

On Sunday, we headed to CrossFit to cheer on those competing in 12.2. It was a super difficult round, and we wanted to be there not only for support, but to capture images/video for those who wanted it.

The WOD was:

  • 30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
  • 30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
  • 30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
  • Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

Here are a few of our shots:






While I am definitely not ready to compete, I did a personal PR snatch of 55 lbs! RARRR!

Afterward, we made our second batch of sushi, which included a few hand rolls we made with leftover rice and tuna. They are a little haphazard, but we’ll work on that.


Annnnnd…we decided to let Clive and Tilda have their way with the veggies. We’re suckers.


So a weekend of eating sushi, work and CrossFit. Not a bad way to start my next decade. If you’re interested in making sushi at home, check out our tutorial. It’s so easy!