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Are you ready for New Years, yes I'm horrible at crossposting…

By December 31, 2007Uncategorized

It’s crazy to think that this will most likely be the last entry I pen for the year 2007. I’ve been blogging here since,…well 2005, and reading back on my entries in preparation for this one,…I’m just overwhelmed at the things I’ve let slip my mind and the amount of growth in myself I’ve entirely underestimated. I’ve become more quiet, more observing, and more of the person I always envied in others. I’m not the loud ruckus, eager to please conglomerate of a human being that I used to be. I have good friends, not millions of acquaintances, and I’m not out to constantly prove “I’m okay, look at me…party party party,” the way I was in my early twenties. I’m going to be 26 this year, and in setting my goals, both long- and short-term, see the first inkling of the person I hope to continue to grow into in my “later” twenties, although Neil persists that 26 and 26 are mid twenties still…denial? 😛 I don’t know why he’s so upset, men always get better with age, it’s us women that have to work or subject ourselves to cosmetic nightmares and sad attempts and forever young, lol.

I’m actually okay with age, because the things I’m doing and constantly working on make me happy and put me on track with where I think someone my age ought to be in terms of goals, ambitions and realistic accomplishments. I’m not the richest person, nor the most educated, nor is that my end all be all goal, but a constant work-in-progress. My thinking is that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward, there is no such thing is standing in place. (Thanks Dad!)

I think more or anything I developed a perspective, a gauge of what’s important and what’s not. It took all year through a great effort of trial and error, but I think I have that figured out….hopefully, finally, kind-of. I take a lot in stride, and even when some things I would have considered to be “major” happened, I just kind of shrugged and kept going. The only people who get enough of me to hurt me are Neil, a few close friends, and my family, good luck outside that. I’ve eliminated a lot of unhealthy, unrealistic relationships in my life and finally feel like I have a good mix of people I can share, give and take time with…and in return have found positivity toward people (most) again. I became exhausted with people whose lives are constant trials, tribulations, and drama over things that are easily fixed, take minor effort, and are nbd if people had any perspective or grip on reality.

With that being said I had a good weekend, pretty relaxing and a good time. We went to Springfield, the first time since our failed attempt a few weeks ago. Dallas was back in town from his teaching commission in France, and the boys decided to hold a massive LAN. Dallas’s whole rec room was filled with tables and computers. It was a really good time. There was a TON of food, and needless to say when you get that many guys together…there are some disgusting stories, websites and massive exodus of food gas. It was a good time. I also got spoiled with sushi, twice. Springfield’s latest overdone trend seems to be “Japanese Steakhouse,” so we ate at a new place that is by Andy’s on Campbell, and our favorite UMI’s on Saturday. I love the Kissy Kissy roll at UMI’s so I had it and it’s equivalent both days, along with an assortment of Nigiri and spicy tuna rolls. I also love Miso soup. Very very spoiled.

Neil and I also got to talk about weddings. I think my negative (although you have to admit humorous) attitude about weddings has him a bit nervous, so I’m really going to attempt (as a New Year’s goal) to have a better attitude about weddings and the whole hoopla. I think my annoyance stems mostly from women and the type of women who make weddings an annoying, and arduous prospect. I don’t want complication, I just want my relationship, commitment and continued stability. God I hate women…melodramatic cows…sometimes I think I should have been born a boy….not really, but still. Can’t you just read your stupid paperbacks and STFU? People are losing family across the world, and you are persistently patting yourselves and trying to emulate people you can’t even come close to. I especially love the use of “overcome” so freely to describe things that are nowhere near overwhelmingly tragic or serious. GG. /Rant.

In any sense…trying to be positive. I do want to marry Neil…definately, absolutely, would do it tomorrow if I could,…just…weddings…bridesmaids….hoopla…$$$…sigh.

With that being said…here are a list of my formal goals for 2008.

-two level 70’s in WoW
-learn guitar…now that I have two of them.
-read all the books I received for christmas and bought in the last 6 months.
-keep working out and eating well
-learn to shoot guns….without hurting bystanders.
-find a neutral non-hate for weddings so I’m not alone forever.
-Avoid toxicity.
-Spend good times with friends
-travel….hopefully Colorado?
-New wheels and tires for Sidda come spring (though right now I’d settle for a car wash)
-Move with the Mr. in our own place, and start saving for a house in a year.
-Buy new washer and dryer.
-pwn annoying newbs.

-Continue to build qualifications for instructional design and web development
-Find way to streamline supply chain…
-Continue to seek additional opportunities for freelance or promotional positions.
-Be more proactive and involved in the content development of our programs and events, as it will tie into portfolio experience for the masters.
-Make tons of money because that’s all that really matters right? right?

-Complete 6 masters courses, and be formally accepted to program (GRE…gah)
-Start looking at what doctorate programs would be good to mesh with my degrees and what teaching opportunities there are.
-Become L33t

Yep, those are them. I tried to find a nice blend of fun, goofy goals, and things that I’m very seriously working on. I dunno, I think it’s fun to set some fun goals and it’s very important to have goals period. Coasting sucks.