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Tres Trail Awesomeness

By September 2, 2009Art, blogging, Camping, Cool Stuff, Travel

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “but you’ve just finished hiking for the first time…” Yes, you are definately right, a three-thousand mile hike is both out of my realm and way out of my capability. However, it is always nice to dream, and sometimes those dreams are things you aren’t able to do. This looks amazing though, amazingly fun, rewarding and life-changing.

“The Continental Divide Trail or CDT is a 3100 mile wilderness trail that runs along The Rocky Mountain Range crossing 5 states, 25 National Forests, 4 National Parks and 3 Indian Reservations. Me and Paul Walked it in 2008 from May to October, we were unaided carrying all we needed to survive on our backs only leaving the trail to re-supply, take a shower and sink a few well deserved beers! We averaged about 20 miles a day, 6 days a week for a total of five and a half months, while tackling everything that Mother Nature had to throw at us including mountainous terrain, adverse weather conditions, water scarcity and not forgetting the rattle snakes and grizzly bears!! This is why only a handful of backpackers attempt this annually and even fewer finish in the same year.”

Cookie and Paul not only captured video and spent months editing it into a documentary, they took a wonderful gallery of photos and kept a blog. Their website also makes me drool. I don’t know that I will ever be capable of such a feat as this (especially since who but the self-employed can take off of work for that long) but hiking and trails is definately something that makes me feel good and good about myself.

{Via Grain Edit}