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Trying to Roll with the Weekend

By June 5, 2012May 22nd, 2013Art, Clive, Weekend

This weekend was, in our best intentions, an attempt to “come down” after last weekend. A half-marathon + Murph + holiday weekend left us in dire need for a weekend with absolutely no plans and no structure. And we sort of got that.

We started Friday with an awesome Fight Gone Bad-style workout. We love these because although they are difficult in the moment, you leave feeling like you can still have plans for the night. Plus, this could easily be done in no time at all at home or wherever you work out. It was 3 rounds (1 minute each): handstand/pike hold + bottom push-up hold + knee tuck and hold + wall sit (with 35/55 lbs) + rest. If we couldn’t hold form, we incurred a pentalty of 10 burpees.


We arrived home ready for a relaxing night to find my purse strewn all over the kitchen floor. I ran to the bedroom to find that Clive had eaten an entire pack of gum, wrappers and all, that I had bought for my interview a few weeks ago (I typically never have gum). We FREAKED and ran him to the emergency vet, where thankfully we identified that the brand was sweetened with sorbitol and not xylitol, but not until after they had unsuccessfully tried to pump it from his stomach three times. I felt TERRIBLE. Here I was, a complete idiot with a dog that was going to be okay, surrounded by people who were losing their pets for no reason at all. It didn’t help that Tildy, along for the ride, was completely her most happy-go-lucky self that day. I’m pretty sure everyone in that place hated us.


We took Clive home to feed, poop and monitor and barricaded ourselves up in the office to set up our new office furniture. We’ve been wanting to upgrade our DIY sawhorse table for some time, and a new job and having to fit more equipment in our work area pretty much made the decision for us. It has served us well, but it’s just no longer stable enough to safely hold so many monitors (we’ll hit 3 machines and 5 monitors by the end of July!)


Because of our narrow staircase and ever-changing business, we knew we needed something light and portable that we could assemble upstairs. We chose these metal cart-style desks from CB2. I chose the chartreuse, because our next big painting project is to paint our office a dark grey.



Still have a lot to do in here, but it’s a work in progress. For now we’re happy to have more desk and file space and my bookcases slowly coming together in a more organized fashion.


On Sunday, my mom and I stopped by our Art in the Park, our town’s yearly art show to see the latest offerings from local and regional artists from our area. It’s somewhat of a yearly tradition of ours, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint. A few pics:







I came away with a lovely Boston Terrier print for the house. Somewhere we’re going to have a wall exclusively for all of our weird/obsessive Bostie art, we just haven’t decided where yet. Is it something we should display in full view of guests, or on the down-low? Ideas?

We were able to be mostly low-key for the rest of the weekend. Lots of gaming, bits of freelance and plenty of relaxation. Today begins my final week at Mizzou and the beginning of a lot of changes!

Do you like your weekends structured or low-key?


  • Poor Clive! That sounds like a tough experience for all involved, but I’m glad it turned out okay! Also, I love that dog print. Too cute! And I also love that huge bookshelf. I need to revamp my office space, too!

  • Rachel says:

    Love the Bostie art-you REALLY need to get your Christmas present from me 🙂 Can’t wait to see the office once it has the new furniture!