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Weekend Play-by-Play

By February 7, 2012February 9th, 2012CrossFit, Food, Weekend


The goal of this weekend was to relax and have fun. With a new pup in the house, a vacation a few weeks ago and a few clients going live with various projects, we hit the sweet in-between spot this weekend of having nothing pressing to accomplish. For us that means there was still plenty of work to do, but nothing that couldn’t be done between games, movies, ball games and hanging out with friends.

The fun started on Friday night. CrossFit on Fridays is always a lot of fun. Everyone at our box tries to get there for a chance to hang out with people they don’t see all week and little contests and challenges seem to pop up. The WOD was tough, but not too bad:

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Essentially what we did was slowly load a bar with weights and do 2-3 reps every cycle until we couldn’t do any more. Just a few months ago, I was going maxing at no more than 65 lbs, but on Friday, with a lot of encouragement, I did 125 lbs! I basically front squatted myself, or, if you want to get silly, 6.25 Matildas!

Neil practicing muscle-ups

While a pretty cool accomplishment, Neil blew it out of the water with one quick kip. For weeks, he’s been working on trying to get his first muscle-up. It’s always somewhat of a “coming of age” in our box. When you’ve gained enough strength and enough skill with the movements to kip up straight-armed on a set of rings. It’s RIDICULOUSLY (my perception) difficult until you can do it. He’s spent weeks with bruises on his arms from the rings and sore elbows from trying to lift himself up. But he did it! Now I just have to catch him in the act. The above picture was taken while he was still practicing.

After the WOD, we went to dinner with a few members of our gym (always fun!) and then plopped ourselves down in front of our computers for a few solid hours of gaming. Our latest fix is my beta copy of Diablo III. Neil convinced me to sign up in the hopes of getting to try it out early, and in a cruel turn of events, I was the only one to get access. I didn’t think I’d like the game, but it is SO fun! After a few hours, I relinquished the game to Neil and re-watched half of the first season of Downton Abbey, my newest television addiction.


Randomly spotted on Neil during prep…

Saturday was a lazy day of design, games and snacks. We allow ourselves one cheat day a week, so for part one, we decided to give gluten-free pizza crust a second go. We made one from a mix while in Colorado, but came across a different mix at the store the other day. As we’re just getting our feet wet with sparse amounts of GF baking, we’re getting a sense of what the flavor and texture should be before taking things into our own hands. Making the dough ended up being a true exercise in patience, but we finally emerged from the kitchen with two loaves chilling in the fridge and hand prints all over our pants.


Even with the preparation headache, the pizza turned out great, and we enjoyed with hot slices of ham and pineapple pizza with much-coveted soda.



Saturday night was a BIG NIGHT in our neck of the woods. The much-anticipated “Border Showdown” between University of Missouri (Mizzou) Tigers and University of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks. The athletic rivalry goes way back. Neil and I didn’t have tickets to the game, and wanting to avoid the crowds at bars, decided to watch the game from our loft. We snacked on homemade nachos (first image), and enjoyed new-to-us beer. We also started a little facelift project on the blog. It was a close game, but Mizzou thankfully eeked out the win.

Sunday was a laid back kind of day. French press coffee, laundry, groceries. I guess if I were on Jersey Shore, that would make my motto CLG?

Or first bike ride of the year...

I had planned for a nice long run (4-5 miles for my newbness), but Neil surprised me by pumping up our bike tires and tracking down our helmets. We took a chilly ride around our neighborhood. I’m so glad we chose this neighborhood. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, and the houses are absolutely beautiful no matter which direction you go.


The rest of the night was pretty low-key. We had a fun Super Bowl Party at our friend Aurora and Jason’s. We were all pretty burned out on sports from the night before, so we spent the entire time eating wings and snacks and talking home improvement. I’m pretty sure we watched no more than five minutes of the game. For the evening, Neil and I whipped up a new hummus recipe and a batch of gluten-free brownies (from a mix — got lazy!). Look for the recipe later today!

So, uneventful weekend, but in a good way. Do you prefer your weekends eventful or low-key?


  • Elizabeth says:

    I am really impressed with your fitness routine. I keep telling myself I need to incorporate weights/strength training into my schedule, but I don’t listen. But you are inspiring me…maybe just maybe I will give it a shot….at home…with no one looking and witnessing how weak I am and how I can’t even do one real push-up (with my legs straight out…like a plank). so sad. so weak. but hey, I can crank out some miles, right? that’s something!

    • Jessica says:

      I wish we could do a swap of skills. You give me a little bit of your running prowess, and I’ll give you my strength training, then we’d really be well-rounded!