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Weekly Workout Recap (5/20 – 5/26)

By May 27, 2013CrossFit, Exercise

Great week of workouts despite me coming down with a bug in the earlier part of the week. It’s amazing how just a few days can feel like eternity when you’re cooped up, not feeling well, and missing out on your normal routine. I definitely missed these guys…

I missed these boys too. Such hams!


Rest/sick day



3 mile walk around the neighborhood (Had. To. Get. OUT.)


A- Establish 3RM Power Jerk (185)
B1- Weighted Dips 4-6 Reps; 5 Sets (35 lbs)
B2- Weighted Chin-Ups 3-5 Reps; 5 Sets (35 lbs)
-Rest 60 Seconds Between Sets

WOD: 5 Rounds
10 UB Knees-To-Elbows
10 Box Jumps (30/24) With Step-Down

Finish: Neil forgot, but he remembers being fast haha.


Rest/sick day



This was a deceptive workout. All static holds (1) with ‘punishment’ (2) if you broke hold. I faired fairly well, but I still had some punishments. I threw in 10 KB swings at the end just for fun, and am excited to be able to do the 55 lb KB.

A1) FLR For 4 Minutes
A2) 10 Burpees (ended up doing 40 burpees)
B1) Wall Squats For 4 Minutes
B2) 10 Jump Lunges (ended up doing 30 jumping lunges)
C1) Superman Hold For 4 Minutes (no kb swings as punishment)
C2) 10 Russian KB Swing
D1) L-Hold For 4 Minutes
D2) 10 AbMat Sit-Ups (ended up doing 50 sit-ups)

+ 10 KB swings

I don’t remember my time, but it was somewhere around the 20:XX minute mark.


Neil and Jessica

I don’t know what we were thinking tackling this workout before “Murph,” but we survived!
7×3 bench press (heavy)

3 Rounds
30 pistols
25 pull-ups

Finish: 14:24 (Jes) and 18:XX (Neil)

This flower is indicative of how happy I am to be back at my box...#fitbit #fit #vzwvoices

Hopefully we’ll get back on track this week and be mostly back to normal. We’ve already started the week off well by doing The hero WOD “Murph” in honor of Memorial Day, and there’s some great programming in store for us this week. I also get to teach my first unassisted class! I am SO nervous.

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