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Weekly Workout Recap (6/3 – 6/9)

By June 11, 2013November 3rd, 2013CrossFit, Exercise

I thought I’d toss a fun little butterfly pull-up progression vid in the beginning of our workout summary this week. Butterfly pull-ups are actually an movement Neil and I have some disagreement over. He outright refuses to do them because he feels like they are a cheap shortcut (ouch!). I don’t entirely disagree, but have somewhat reconciled that they are the key to fast, high-volume pull-ups.

That being said I’ve been working on getting them since the Open, when I realized regular pull-ups weren’t working for competition. Before that I’d been able to string one or two together, but then my momentum would fall apart and I resembled something of a hooked fish. But with OPT’s focus on areas of strength girls typically lack in, I’ve become a lot better in the past month. I’ll try to have someone take a vid soon. They are kind of addictive!

Last week felt somewhat like a deload week for me — though I don’t know if that’s what OPT had in mind or not. Lots of skill work, some heavier lifts, but mostly just skills and lots and lots of pull-ups (thus butterfly mastery). I’m hoping they program some longer WODs soon, but to compensate I’ve been adding a few of the regular class workouts into my load each week — whatever seems the nastiest!



Neil did a workout, but couldn’t remember it…


A. Push jerk; 5 reps on the min for 10 min – moderate load TnG
B. Weighted chin up clusters×5; rest 15 sec/rest 3 min
C. Bent over barbell rows; 3-4×3; rest 2 min
D. Weighted dips; 1-2×5; rest 2 min

Run 2 miles with Matilda


Rest day

CrossFit instructor or Ninja turtle, you decide. Thanks @kendralice !!

New headband from Kendra! Love the Reebok CrossFit head wraps — they do NOT move. Perfect for short hair!


Rest day


Neil and Jes

WOD: For Time
Row 1K
30 Muscle-Ups (No MU’s= 45 Pull-Ups and Ring Dips. Must Pair Rep Schemes)
*I did butterfly and blue-banded for pull-ups, Neil did 15 MU, 15 pull-ups and 15 dips
Run 1 Mile

Finish: 22:26 (Jes) and 26:00 (Neil)


1) 3×8 Single-Arm KB Swings
-Rest 45 Seconds B/W Sets
2) 3×8 BB Roll-Outs
-Rest 45 Seconds B/W Sets
3) 3×8 Pendlay Rows
-Rest 45 Seconds B/W Sets
4) 3×8 Straight-Leg Deadlift
-Rest 45 Seconds B/W Sets


Airdyne 30 seconds @100%
rest 2:30
(rest 5 min bw sets 3/4, 8/9)


Rest day

Working out with the guys today...



A. Strict press; 10-12×5; rest 1 min
B. Push press 5×3; rest 2 min
CTB chin ups


Rest day

Our box is slowly forming plans and teams for Garage Games in St. Louis in September. I’ve been mulling going, but it would definitely mean I need to take less of a auto-pilot approach to my fitness this summer and really make sure I’m getting solid WODs and auxilliary work in each week. Still trying to decide. I love the idea of a challenge and training for specific events, but I’ve also been craving and unable to achieve any sort of down time so far this summer.

Do you have a hard time choosing workouts over downtime in the summer?

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  • Laura says:

    Nice job on butterfly pull-ups!

    I need to try those head wraps. I got bangs a few months ago and have not had much luck with headbands. I’m lucky if they only fall off twice during a WOD!