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Whole30 Nutrition Challenge Recap: Week 4

A little-belated recap of our Week 4 of the Whole30/Nutrition Challenge and honestly it took me about 5 minutes to even remember what we ate last week. No joke, talk about zombie mom!

Our last week’s challenge meals were all comfort food. We started the week with big meatloaf we baked in our cast iron pan (seriously, cast iron all the way). Served with easy sides of taters and veggies. Kaitlan put away quite a bit of meatloaf so I have a feeling that will be back on the menu soon.

Whole30 Week 4 - Steak and Potato

Halfway through the week, we dined on steak, salad and baked potatoes. Again, steaks are such an easy way to feel like you’re eating out.

Whole30 Week 4 - Kimchi Braised Chicken and Bacon

We closed the week with the Kimchi Braised Chicken and Bacon. Definitely not as pretty on our plates as it was in Bon Appetit, but it was sooooo good. And Kaitlan loved it as well, kimchi and all.

Whole30 Week 4 - Smoked Chicken

We ended the week buying a smoker and making chicken and ribs. I honestly can’t wait grocery shop for what we’re going to smoke this week. We’ve been eating so easily this week!

Whole30 Week 4 - Smoked Chicken

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably noticed the massive amounts of soup, bread, and toddler snack recipes pinned. Thinking ahead to our meals, I definitely think we’re going to attempt to make a few more of the convenience items we’ve been buying, including whole grain bread, crackers/puffs for Kaitlan and the ramen soups Neil sometimes grabs at lunch.

We’ll see what I come up with this weekend, but our first attempt at our favorite grocery bread wasn’t all that successful, even though Kaitlan loves it. I am so excited to finally feel like I’m in the kitchen more!

That closes out the weekly recaps for the Whole30 Challenge, stay tuned for the our thoughts and reflections!