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Yay! Finally

By March 27, 2008Uncategorized

So Neil and I finally reached level 70 in our computer game World of Warcraft. I know I shouldn’t be so excited, but I am. It was a lot of ‘work’ and now that we’ve reached the final level, it’s kind of fun to sit back a bit, and pursue all the little victories that don’t net so much pressure and time. So far, I really like the Battlegrounds, and I’m excited to see what else is out there, and what I can gain from the victories. It’s so funny, because watching my best friend with her boyfriend, she’s become totally immersed in his sports, going so far as to create a bracket for college basketball! Neil got me into computer games, new kinds of music and autocross. I guess from my end, it’s harder to think of what things he’s taken on from me, but I’m sure there is quite a bit 😛

Other than that excitinnng news, I’ve just been in a little bit of a rush to get finished with some projects before Friday when I’m going to have my wisdom teeth removed. Today I took my prescription over to the pharmacy at my doctor’s on Green Meadow’s and I’ve never been so stoked to have pills and meds. I’m nervous, but I’ll be so happy to have them out and done with.

After that, my next step is…the beginning of the wedding planning. Neil and I set April 1 as the date our “sigh” period is over, and we’ll have to start making decisions. Although I swore and actually initiated the month of just “sigh:)” I’ve been thinking of little details in my head. Nothing concrete, just many, and somewhat fractured “well I think I’d like….” statements. Here’s what I got:

Maid of Honor: Already asked Anja Splazanja.
Wedding Party: Anja, Patrick, Liz, Josh so far (in my head still)
Dress: Definately have ideas
Invites: something recycled and eco-friendly
Colors: Still can’t get passed black and white….it’s a designer thing
Cake: vanilla (per Neil)
Ceremony: Church…haven’t nailed that down
Location: too many ideas

I buying two planning guides that came highly recommended to me, and then it’s just ask people and ask people some more….and google…thank God for google.