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Clive’s Winter Jacket

By January 25, 2011Clive, Clothing, Dogs

Clive in his jacket

If you haven’t noticed already, Clive has…a wardrobe. He just fits so well into toddler-sized clothes, that we can’t help but stroll the baby sections of stores sometimes. People probably think we have a child, and…well I guess we kind of do? I’m not sure what they’d think if we told them we were shopping for a dog.

Neil’s mom gave us this little puppy jacket for Christmas, and it’s Clive’s first piece of clothing that was actually designed for a dog. It is so cute. Polyester and fleece with a little grey knit hood, he looks SO adorable in it I couldn’t help but share. Are we those dog people yet?

Do you dress your pets? Do you think people should put clothes on animals?


  • Amy says:

    Elvis has clothes. He’s had sweaters up to this point (including his black and gold Mizzou sweater), but this year we broke down and bought him a little camo puffy jacket with a fur-fringed hood. Elvis also has snow boots, which he acts pathetic in but I’m sure he appreciates while tearing around the yard.

  • Rachel says:

    he looks so cute in it! I have a hoodie for Jack but Toby would require adult male clothing. When he gets old, I plan to pull out the Cosby sweaters for him

  • How cute!! The only thing Stanley wears is a costume for halloween. Two years ago he was a lobster and last year he was a bumble bee. 🙂

    On another note – I made your spicy chicken chili for dinner this evening. Major YUM!

  • When our dogs require clothing (mostly for very cold camping trips – hey, they’re normally couch dogs!) they wear Nathan’s clothes. And Nathan’s clothes are a tight fit! This is what happens when you have large dogs. 🙂

    Our boys do have their own life jackets for swimming. We get some strange looks in East Texas for that, but it’s worth it. The dogs will swim for hours when they’re wearing them!

  • Jessica says:

    @ Amy, can he run in the boots? Our concern is that Clive will just walk all caddywompus around the yard…

    @Emily- I’m so glad you like it! It’s one of our favorites for sure!

    @Chrissy – yeah I can imagine that big dog clothing is harder to come by as well. The market for toy-ish small dogs is pretty vast. I wish Clive liked to swim more. I just can’t get that picture of him running away from the lake out of my head lol.

  • Amy says:

    When Elvis is in the house, he walks like this: Once he’s outside, it’s like he’s forgotten entirely that he has them on and races around at his usual speed. I found that putting them on him and having him wear them around the house helps too.

    The ones we got had to be modified a little; we added an extra strip of self-sticking velcro lower on the boot to keep them on. The straps towards the top were not enough.