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A goodbye tribute…

By September 7, 2012June 14th, 2013Kitchen, Rant, Technology, Uncategorized


Neil, the dogs and I would like to take a few moments and remember our fridge, Ms. Superba KitchenAid, circa 1994…


Oh Superba, you’ve served us well…


Okay — Who we are kidding. She was a complete pain in the ass. Despite cleaning this fridge from top to bottom countless times since we moved in, the freezer continued to smell like mildew, causing the ice and water from the dispenser to taste like outright shit. We could never use it, and the dives in front of it to prevent our guests from using it could have earned us Olympic qualification in several of the smaller lesser-known countries. And the crisper drawers? No longer temperature controlled, they seemed to freeze or rot food without rhyme or reason. Not to mention the drawers fell off the tracks every time we opened them.

And Superba wasn’t looking so hot anymore; her yellowing doors, handles and permanent stains made the rest of our kitchen (which lets face it, is not winning any awards) worse. We’re saving for our dream remodel, but for the time being, we thought we’d do something we knew would help things a bit.

Having watched consumer reports and holiday sales since Memorial Day, we finally took the plunge and got a sleek, albeit nameless Samsung fridge over Labor Day, with french doors, freezer drawer and some pretty cool features. Neil and I have always had the most basic of refrigerators, so this feels pretty fancy. Still, we kept it pretty basic, opting out the digital displays and water/ice dispensers because it just felt like another thing to clean, service and eventually break on us. I know, we’re shocked we did that too. At least Superba taught us something.

You could say I was thrilled (and apparently huge-armed)…


Matilda was too, though you’d hardly know it. The staring, she’s such a creep.


Stop it!


The space in this thing is incredible. What you see was stuffed into and falling out of Superba. Now, I think we could fit another Thanksgiving meal’s-worth of food. Plus, it really helps the kitchen overall, and I no longer feel like I’m entering 1994 when I walk into the kitchen — though I’m sure Alice in Chains and NIN will still be heard from there fairly often.

Have you ever had a nightmare appliance you were happy to see go?


  • Jess CVR says:

    OMG. This is our fridge. Except we have the one from 1987, complete with wood panelling, a non-functioning water/ice dispenser and a bottom grate that is currently taped onto the bottom with mailing tape. Unfortunately we rent… but I’m about to just propose we buy a new one anyway!

    • Jessica says:

      I’ve had some terrible fridges in rentals, to the extent I’ve almost offered to buy a new one they can take off the rent. There’s just something about having your food in something you don’t have to question… 🙂

  • Erin says:

    The funny thing about this is that you and my mom had the same fridge and you both upgraded to the same fridge. If I recall we had issues with ours within the first year we owned it (drawers, ice, water). I don’t think the ice ever actually worked…

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, and that’s my biggest fear because, even irrationally, I fear that if its possible that an awesome new purchase will be ruined with problems, it will happen to me because I’m a magnet for that sort of thing. That and I just want less to clean/service.

  • Your MOTHER says:

    GLAD you can fit a whole Thanksgiving in that fridge – so your Dad and I can EXPECT YOU to cook then!!!! What time should we be over????!!!!! Mom

  • camille says:

    Up until about a month ago we were using my husband’s microwave that he had had in college. This thing was so ancient its timer was a dial, ok. It probably emitted so much cancer. But when we bought the house, it had a built-in (massive) microwave, and I was so happy to chuck that old one in the dumpster!

    Not that microwaves are such an integral part of our lives or anything, but it was old and stupid and probably dangerous, and this thing is shiny and new and perhaps won’t kill us quite as fast.