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Weekend Peek

By June 15, 2015Automotive, MK, Racing, Weekend


A few pictures from our weekend. Neil was off racing in Oklahoma and Kaitlan and I were holding down the fort at home.



I had hoped to piggyback of Neil’s solo weekend while I was at Regionals and get out a bunch with the stroller, but we were hampered by weather. When it wasn’t raining, it was so humid it might as well have been raining. I was hoping for some stroller and park time and possibly even a long walk and dinner downtown, but it was just gross.

So we settled for swim lessons and plenty of movies, games and books. Still kind of a bummer…but on the upside…


Um yeah, she pulled to a stand, and then proceeded to do it on everything all weekend, especially her little Poang chair. She is also *this* close to clapping her hands, and she will now hand me books to read if I ask her to pick one. Nuts!

Neil endured similar weather at the track, but had a great time racing and hanging out with the guys:




Hallett looks amazing, he said it’s one of his favorite tracks to date. Hopefully once KK gets a little bigger, we can all go as a family. Look for his recap soon!

How was your weekend?