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Ahhh Friday

By July 31, 2015Books, Weekend


Happy Friday! Neil went on call this morning, and we have a busy weekend planned, but that doesn’t stop Friday from still feeling like the promised land. Since we were on vacation last week, this week has been a game of catch-up and we actually got quite a bit done. We’ve got freelance going for August. The stumps are finally removed in the back yard, and since I’ve killed most of the flowers with neglect, we’ve basically got a blank slate to work with. We also scheduled Kaitlan’s 1-year doctor appointment and started planning her birthday party(!).


Working back squat numbers are on the upward trend!

Things definitely happening this weekend:

  • Coaching classes and training
  • Kick-off meeting for a new freelance project
  • Gaming night (Neil)
  • Repotting some plants and stump clean-up
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Child-proofing cabinets for this giggle-crazy baby

Things I hope happen:

Pictures and memory books: In preparation for Kaitlan’s birthday (and long overdue) I hope to get some pictures printed and up around the house. I also want to put together a little book of her first vacation. I’ve been eyeing Becky Higgins Project Life since our client Jessica Turner started promoting it a few years back, and I think I’m going to pull the trigger and do it. Despite being a designer, I’m not very crafty, but this approach seems super doable, and I want to give KK some tangible things to look at.


Start a new book: After finishing First Impressions by Charlie Lovett a few years ago and loving it, I checked out his other big title The Bookman’s Tale. It’s been hanging out on my bedside table while I caught up and finished two books for book club (The Night Circus and Stardust, in case you were wondering) and now, I finally get to read this book!


Dinners this week have been shredded chicken with lots and lots of veggies…

Try a new recipe: This week I discovered Nutritional Grail’s Instagram. Oh. My. God. Everything looks so delicious. I definitely want to try the Sweet Potato Salad with Tahini Sauce. I also have been wanting to try Cauliflower crust pizzas for a long time. So many choices!

What are your plans for the weekend?