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Spring Bride

By April 18, 2013April 23rd, 2013Friends, Jessica, Springfield, Verizon Voices, Wedding, Weekend


Last weekend marked 3 weeks until my best friend Rachel gets married. I made the drive down to Springfield for her amazing wedding shower and hilarious bachelorette. Kasey, one of the bridesmaids put together an awesome shower that included lunch, games and painting.


Lunch was an amazing array of sandwiches, snacks and dessert. I loved the chicken salad. Very little mayo, and savory rather than sweet. The mango salsa was also to die for. I also had a little of the pesto tortellini. Yum!


For dessert she had prepared four types of cupcakes, two regular-sized and two mini. She also had macarons and cream cheese mints, as well as plenty of candy. Don’t mind if I do!


There was also spiked punch, fruit-infused water (I want one of those pitchers!) and blue lemonade.


After lunch outside, we moved inside to play a few games including wedding-themed Mad Libs, Pictionary, and the gum game. She really rocked that though. She knows her man!


Then she opened her gifts…


Afterward some of us retired to the couch to relax (I had pulled an all-nighter the day before and still felt a little tired) while others painted pots and birdhouses on the deck. It looked like a lot of fun, I wish I hadn’t been so tired.

Rachel then surprised us each with a bucket of goodies. So sweet, and so her!


The party dispersed and I had about 2 hours to kill before we planned to meet up for the bachelorette. With nowhere to be I decided to go to Target (for a blanket and pillow, which I had forgotten) and Barnes and Noble to waste time. I almost never have free time, let alone time to go shopping, so this was a welcome break.

Random sights at Target:


The toy section always makes me want kids. Not babies, kids. Can I just skip all the baby stuff and move straight to the fun?

Random sights at Barnes and Noble:


S’mores tart. Need I say more?


I then grabbed a coffee and headed toward friends Becca and Toni’s house for the bachelorette. At the risk of violating bachelorette code, I’ll just say that we ate a ton, drank a ton and stayed up far later than I have on my own accord for YEARS. It was a blast. More sleepovers!

The countdown is on, just a few more weeks!

What’s your idea of a party?

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