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By December 30, 2013CrossFit, Technology, Video

Happy Monday! I can’t believe 2013 is almost over! I’m still writing a short summary of our holidays (5 days of random is so hard to corral), but I wanted to share some recent creative stuff. Two weeks ago we shot our first commercial for the box! It’s just a little 15 second promo that will run without audio at a local restaurant, but it was the perfect starting point. Fellow member Travis Hartman did all the filming with my little Nikon D90 and I assembled it all in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Even though we knew it wouldn’t need audio, I wanted the web version to have audio, so I asked my brother (musician and sound guru) to put together some audio, and he put together the music. It was such a cool labor of love.

Now that one video is done, I have all the art work and template files to make more. So this weekend I filmed Michael PR’ing his deadlift (with phone) and made another video:

I know these are really low-tech and super simplistic, but I had about a week to turn the commercial around, so I kept it pretty simple. I eventually want to put together an animated title scene and something more dynamic for the ending as well.

As far as equipment goes, I definitely want to expand there as well. I’d still love to get a Go Pro, and some basic microphone equipment. Neil also found a cool tutorial for a very basic DIY Steadicam, so I think that project might be in my immediate future. I am totally drooling over this video iJustine put up of her gaming and video space/equipment.

A big thank you to Travis Hartman, for all the filming ideas and fun times. I learned so much and we looked pretty silly rolling around the gym on a skateboard. Also to Doug Calhoun for the music and production encouragement.

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