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Back to School

By August 20, 2010Books, School

My textbooks

I’m excited to be heading back to school on Monday. Although I officially started this summer, it really only felt like I was wading in the pond. I fully jumped in this semester, taking two hefty assessment courses. Ironically, for as big as the course load will be, these are my only two books for both courses. One was published in 1987 and isn’t even in print anymore. Hopefully I wasn’t steered wrong and this is in fact the book I need. I found this interesting:


I guess if it worked for someone working at Apple in 1993, then it’s probably a good book right? I can’t get over the old-school Apple business card!

All in all, it feels so good to be back. Last Fall I felt like I was never going to pass the GRE and that I might be forced to re-examine my goals. It was excruciating to watch everyone on campus moving forward and feeling like I was stalled out on the side of the road. It’s nice not to feel like a total phony in the school supplies aisles. No matter how old you are, nothing beats the smell of crayons, office supplies and stationary.

What are your goals for this Fall?


  • I love the first day of school! I usually take one writing class a semester, just for fun (and it’s free because I’m a staff member at the university! Can’t beat that!).

    I actually got a degree online as well – my Masters in Library Science. It took me 5 semesters and the hardest part was time management and being self-motivated. A career as an instructional designer sounds really interesting, too! Good luck with the new semester! And you’re right, that Apple business card is awesome.

  • Jessica says:

    The umbrella that my program falls under has Library science on the other half. It’s always been like, a secret dream of mine to own a bookstore or work in a library. I love being around books, thus why I’m a long-term student lol.