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Battle in the Bluffs

By February 21, 2014CrossFit, Travel, Weekend


I’m off to Council Bluffs, IA (near Omaha) with Erica, Nate and Michelle to watch these awesome people compete this weekend in Battle in the Bluffs. Excited to be a spectator and to enjoy the calm before the big CrossFit Open storm hits. Life is so much different than┬álast year!

Since my brother lives in Omaha, I’m excited we get to watch this comp and spend time together. I baked him a HUGE loaf of sourdough as a surprise!

Thought I’d share this awesome video that aired last night talking about the CrossFit Games, and CrossFit in general. If you need some motivation, it’s definitely here. I think people scratch their heads at what I do most of the time, but how can you not be extremely passionate when this, and what it creates in your life is what you have to look forward to every day.