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Flight of the Weekend

By January 30, 2012January 31st, 2012Clive, Dogs, Freelance, Matilda, Weekend


Is it just me or did this weekend just fly by? I’m so not ready for work tomorrow. I feel like weeks in January and February take forever, but the weekends feel like mere hours long. It’s so unfair! At least we’ve all but tied up January, and albeit short, this weekend was pretty productive. Here’s what we managed to cross off:

  1. We did our taxes: Full of exciting surprise and consequent groans, we are excited that our business exploded in 2011, but not excited about giving it to “the man.” More about that soon!
  2. We went live with out latest project: Our latest freelance baby is live and I can’t wait to wait for the official launch of Hoosier Homemade’s redesign. She creates beautiful food and DIY projects, so definitely give her great content and new look a …look!
  3. We met with our next client — and had dinner! Since most of our clients live out-of-state, we’re excited to work with some friends of ours who live right here in Columbia. We met for dinner on Friday at one of our favorite restaurants and discussed all the details. Excited to start this week!
  4. We played computer games: Hey, fun is important too!
  5. We bought a collar. And added to our family.


Okay, I won’t leave you hanging on #5. Two weeks ago, we came across an ad for a Boston Terrier. An adorable, pudgy little girl who needed a new home. We’ve been considering a second dog for nearly a year, so after we sopped up our melted hearts, we brought her home for a two-week “trial” visit. By the fourth day, we were a four-pet family.


Matilda or “Tilda” has quickly become Clive’s best friend. They go everywhere together, delight in tearing up and down the hallway, and currently as I type this, are spooning under a blanket under my arm. Even the cats like her. It’s as if she knew exactly what we were missing.

So we donated money to the rescue, and picked out a bright pink collar with a paisley pattern. I’m not normally for pink, but it suits her, she’s definitely a bright little light in our otherwise cold, grey January.

Think we’re crazy yet? How did your weekend fly by?


  • TILDA! What an adorable pup and what a sweet addition! I’m so glad she and Clive get along. I really do think that two dogs are better than one, but only if the dogs in question like each other (obviously). I know that getting Calvin was the best thing we ever did for Seamus (even though he grumbled about him when he was an annoying puppy.) Now when we go to the dog park, they play with each other more than the play with the the rest of the dogs, even though they see each other all day. It melts my heart.

    Congrats to you and Neil and Clive and Tilda! Can’t wait to hear more two-dog-house adventures!

    • Jessica says:

      Haha, thanks! We felt pretty weird not saying anything, but we wanted to see how things went first. Happily we are excited that Clive has a new playmate and we have more snorty, farty and clown-like entertainment. I agree, two are better than one — except when it comes to finding babysitters!

  • Jessica says:

    Ahhhh! Tilda, how cute! Love her! As a one dog household my whole life, I’m curious to know… are two dogs twice the work? Or are there efficiencies in numbers? We’ve been chatting about how Hoffy would love a friend… but he’s such a good boy, we’ve been hesitant to press our luck on the doggy front! 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      I grew up in a one rabbit household, so this is the most pets I’ve ever had. So far, there is definitely more WILD time. They love to play and as they are terriers, there is lots of RUNNING involved. That being said, Clive is definitely more occupied and stimulated, which is why we pursued it in the first place. We hope in time, they settle down a bit, but for now it’s a riot!

  • Sarah says:

    Congrats! I LOVE the name too. My cousin’s got a puppy this Christmas and named her Matilda. I think that they were going to call her Tilly.