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Clive’s Sleep Accommodations…

By April 13, 2011Clive, Dogs


  • Suzanne says:

    That’s adorable! My dog definitely likes to wedge herself in to the couch creases as well. Maybe it’s a little dog thing?

    • Jessica says:

      I dunno, but I always have to warn Neil before he sits back and squishes him! Maybe it’s that feeling of comfort they had when piled up as puppies?

  • Jessica CVR says:

    Yes! Hoffman does exactly that. He also much always be underneath a blanket – he has this crazy spin move he does, makes a little “blanket igloo” and then sticks just the tip of his nose out. If he didn’t snore like a crazy man, I’d lose him every day.

  • Adrienne May says:

    my puppy dog is 40 lbs, not exactly a lap dog, at least not comfortably, but he likes to find 1 inch of the couch and wedge himself on there and then CREEP onto you slowly, maybe he thinks we won’t notice?

  • Ha! Our girl pug loves to be squished in between one of us and the couch. She’s this little burrower. Sometimes I wonder how she breathes down there!

    • Jessica says:

      well and if she can, how hard or unenjoyable it is. Clive will burrow himself in our bed sheets and sleep on our feet. I take showers, but still…wouldn’t be my first choice of places to sleep!

  • Jessica says:

    Our Boston terrier does the exact same things. Always wedges himself between us and the couch, loves to sleep under the covers… Bostons are snuggly like that!

  • Lissa says:

    How funny! Annie does it too. Jackson always just curled up in the crook of my knees. Not her, she’s got to squeeeeeze behind us.