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Divide and Conquer Weekend

By February 8, 2016Weekend

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! Here’s a little recap!


Friday night was CrossFit, cheat meals (Billiards burgers) and coloring! I want to kiss whomever invented Color Magic Markers. GENIUS!


Camping Trip 2/6/16

Saturday morning Neil left for an overnight camping trip with some friends and KK and I got girl time. We watched movies and munched on Chex Mix, then hit a potluck at the gym. You just can’t beat CrossFit, so many activities!


We then spent the evening at grandpa and grandmas (my parents) watching Frozen. I just introduced them to the concept of looking for Easter eggs in Disney movies. It makes redundant watching so much more interesting. Did you know Rapunzel makes an appearance in Frozen?


Sunday morning we had breakfast and did all the grocery shopping. Neil got home and I then hit the gym for ROMWOD and some muscle-up work with some of the other coaches. My MU are pretty good, but I know they could be much better, so I’m actually being proactive and seeking help.

ROMWOD Mobility Classes - CrossFit Fringe

Super Bowl night was pretty low key. We food prepped, which involved smoking a ton of chicken, a huge pork butt and then homemade applesauce and hardboiled eggs. My brother got me one of these cool peelers for Christmas, and I’m definitely putting it to good use. It’s so much cheaper to make applesauce than it is to buy it.

Food Prep 2/7/16

KK helped clean…


…or not.

Food Prep 2/7/16

We dined on steaks, potatoes and salad and caught the end of the Super Bowl. KK ate her weight in steak, stealing most of it from my plate. I can’t believe how much she’s been growing lately, she is getting so long!