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Ever need an Internet hiatus?


So last week…was nuts. If you watch the news at all, you probably heard about the events that unfolded at Mizzou (where we live). If you haven’t, here’s the best, most balanced summary I’ve been able to come across. Suffice to say, the whole situation invokes a range of emotions and I find myself quite in the middle and able to see the reasonable points (keyword reasonable) of both sides. I think its realistic to expect we’ll be feeling the events of the past week for years to come and that we possibly haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.

And while we weren’t directly involved, it basically felt like it was happening on top of us. Things got very ugly, very fast, and social media became absolutely unbearable. It got bad enough by Tuesday night that I finally hit a breaking point. I just logged off. I just couldn’t deal. And when I finally did, I did something I thought I’d never do. I unfollowed, filtered and custom listed my way to something I could bear to look at.

I’m really not one of those crazy “love and light” and “positivity” people. But there’s a certain point where that much negativity and arguing just get to the core of you. And I know happened at Mizzou is merely a blip on the radar of the world’s events over the past few weeks. I’m probably just being a weenie. But it was nice to just kind of step away, and regroup.

So while I won’t recount all the things we did, I thought I’d do a little “photo dump” of the past two-ish weeks over here.

I couldn’t get photos of it, but Kaitlan acquired two more teeth!


And she wrapped up her second session of swimming lessons as the only family member unscathed by cold or a case of athletes foot.


We made an awesome pot of our favorite soup (seriously, it’s so easy, you can’t not try it)…


Kaitlan absolutely loved it. She’s really able to eat almost everything these days, and it’s so exciting to finally branch out a bit with our meals!


Neil and I had a relaxing date lunch out!


I’ve been prepping food each week including applesauce…


kale chips, and banana bread. Kaitlan’s even getting a little helpful — in that if you hand her stuff or ask her to clean something she will.




Training is going great! We are slowly working into an olympic lifting cycle and we’ve been doing a lot of static overhead work and gymnastics as well. Overall feeling much stronger, and I made a 135 lb power clean (first time since injury) and did a 10 round cycle of weighted pull-ups last week.



And Kaitlan has taken to mobility like a fish…


I know we’ve done a lot more, but I figure this is as good as place as any to jump in again.

How have you been?