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First Race Weekend + Travelling with Beeb

By April 13, 2015MK, Travel


As I mentioned in Kaitlan’s 6 month post, the CrossFit Open and Neil’s first race weekend were two benchmark dates we’d kind of set as “goals” to accomplish when Kaitlan was born.

Well, Neil’s first event was this weekend and we made it! It was a two-day in St. Louis at Gateway, so it involved travel, hotel, and meals, and it went better than we thought. Travelling with baby in general and planning each day was definitely a lot more involved than pre-Beeb, but Kaitlan did great and really just went with the flow. Without making this any more than a recap, a few things that helped:

  1. A hotel room with microwave and fridge: Made having prepped meals and snacks easier, saving time and $$. Hampton Inn also has free breakfast and round-the-clock coffee service.
  2. Toys that could be toted around: While Kaitlan isn’t heavily reliant on toys yet, having a few key portable things that could be played with in different ways helped.
  3. A king-sized bed: When you don’t want your baby crawling all over the hotel floor, a big, central surface area rocked.
  4. Wipes and dish soap: Having wipes and dish soap at all times makes cleaning baby, bottles and other misc items easy.
  5. Arm & Hammer diaper bags and dispenser: I received these as a gift and hadn’t realized just how awesome they are until we started travelling.

A few things I’ll definitely be doing differently next time:

  1. Pack less: There’s packing for incidentals, and then there is simply packing too much. I’m guilty.
  2. A backpack: While I like our diaper bag, I think the next stage of her life will require a backpack, something with a zipper.
  3. Ear protection: While the noise didn’t get too loud and we were out of range, I’d like ear protection next round┬ájust in case.

Stay tuned for Neil’s recap coming soon!