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Happy Birthday Beeb!

By August 17, 2016MK, Parenting


I have another, much longer catch-up post in the works, but let’s just pause for a minute and celebrate that our little KK is two years old today! She just keeps changing every day, slowly growing into this self-assured (dare I say bold, possibly cocky) little tornado of development. I lament that I don’t get to write nearly enough about her as I should, but most of the time, I feel as if I’m always behind her, either running to keep up, or catch her when she pops back from the sheer intensity with which she approaches nearly everything.

One little person who rules so much, and has affected so much in our lives in such a short time. I can’t begin to explain the magnitude. It’s hard, so hard, but it makes all the little things so much bigger, and more valuable.

Happy Birthday Beeb, I hope you’ll love cosleeping forever.