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Friday Link-Up + Christmas Tree

By December 6, 2013December 16th, 2014CrossFit, Friday Link-up


Happy Friday! We put our tree up! We decided to try a real one this year. They always made me itchy as a child, which is why we opted for fake in previous years, but I just couldn’t resist the idea this year, so we decided to give it a try. I LOVE the smell. Still not big enough for all of our ornaments, but you have to cut it off somewhere right?

On to a few things I’ve found this week:

  • First, Congratulations to one of our Athletes, Charlie, who was invited to participate in the 2014 OC Throwdown! Both he and my coach, Nate, finished in the Top 50 of hundreds of participants. Pretty damned incredible. {via Instagram}
  • Second, a big GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to all of our Athletes competing in various events around the state this weekend. I am so excited for you! {via CrossFit Fringe}
  • Strict Pull-ups vs Kipping Pull-ups: A Debate {Via The Rx Review}
  • I would do just about anything to have one of these Paleo Peanut Butter Tagalongs right now. Who loves me enough to make me some? {via Elana’s Panry}
  • I’m guilty of blaming myself first, think it’s always something I did that causes things to not go the way I wanted. I thought this was timely in particular: Always Your Fault? Or Always Their Fault? {via MentalityWOD}
  • Ever since I bought my mother-in-law kettlebells as an early Christmas present, I’ve been playing with them a lot more as well. Double KB Cleans make you feel like a Viking! {via CrossFit HQ YouTube}
  • I’m on a major hearty meals kick, and this Beef shin stew with Parmesan dumplings recipe looks to die for. {via Simply Delicious}
  • Mark Riptoe covers the Good, Bad and the Ugly of CrossFit. He makes a lot of really good points in this video. CrossFit is great, but taking it to the next level requires more. And you must have solid coaching. {via T Nation}

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. We’re supposed to be travelling to Springfield this evening for the Ozark Mountain Shred-Fest, however with Cleon ripping through the Midwest, we might be stuck, as its prime path goes right through Springfield. We were so excited to go, so it will be a huge bummer if we can’t go. Fingers crossed!