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Happy Friday!

By February 13, 2009Uncategorized

{image via ffffound}

So you were¬† probably expecting a gloriously creative/romantic find to start my Friday post but alas, this is…creatively both. HaHA! The caption on the photo read “Continuing Activity at Chaiten Volcano.” You can read more about it here {via NASA}. So it’s Red, thanks to the reverse thermal imaging. Red is for Valentine’s Day, and the volcano in a not so disgusting way represents my monstrous congested face. Ta-DA!

Yes, I’m still feeling sickly, and when I’m sickly for any prolonged period, my healing process is hampered by immeasurable annoyance that I can’t function as I normally do, at about 500 mph. I hate taking time off, I hate not being productive, I have not feeling as if I’ve accomplished enough to satisfy my expectations for the day. I can’t even write about being annoyed and frustrated without getting more annoyed and frustrated.

I hope this will soon pass, but everyone I know who is down with the flu has had it for going on a week. I might not have any hear left by then. But, in the spirit of healing and getting back on track, I hope to accomplish the following this weekend:

  • Wedding Registry and Website – we’re seriously behind
  • Plan next weeks menu and grocery shop
  • Experiment with food dehydrator to make soups for trips to remain on frugal target
  • Wrap up our yard/garden plan for the summer
  • Finalize the guest list – I’m thinking this is never really possible.
  • Make neat-o Valentine’s dessert to go with Neil’s secret dinner plan

Happy Weekend and Have a great Valentine’s!

{image via ffffound}