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Highs and Lows

By June 21, 2016July 4th, 2016Jessica, MK, Parenting, Weather

CrossFit Fringe New Building

I see this fun highs and lows post idea around the blogosphere all the time and thought I would try it out for myself to share a little of what is going on around here.

First, thanks for bearing with my last post. I gotta be honest, I took most of last week “off” the Internet. I don’t do that often, but sometimes being online just makes me feel terrible and really anxious, especially when world events, negativity, and fighting hit critical mass. Spoiler: No one wins the Internet and fighting solves nothing.

It’s tough taking a break when so much of your job involves so much work on the Internet, but I managed to eek by and really just focus on work offline, which to be honest, was really nice.

Anyhow, a little of life around here while I’ve been out.

KK 22 months – Rolling exercise ball and laughing from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

High: My little chatty KK baby! Non-stop little sentences comprised of seemingly more and more clear words. A few of the most common: dog, kitty, car (unfortunately pronounced “cock”), truck (also pronounced as “cock”), blueberry, thank you, I sneeze, I go, I see, bath, bottle, bees, cow, book, go, doc, shoes, teeth, hair, and block.

The mispronounciation of car/truck is really awkward. We were at the library over the weekend and she was seeing the cars/trucks outside the window and almost screaming “COCK.”

She’s also catching onto games and scenario-based play. We play this game constantly where we pretend to roll over the ball. She loves it! She also has started being more reciprocally playful with the other kids at the gym.


Low: Feeling completely overwhelmed at work and like I’m never getting closer to being caught up. Even at “full steam” productivity, for everything I cross off the list, I seemingly add about 10 more items. I’m always anxious about dropping the ball somewhere. Not really good times. Though breakfast burritos help…

High: The new home of CrossFit Fringe is coming together swimmingly (per the above pic)! Tyler has been putting in some insane hours and has been working his tail off, so I’m not only excited but super proud of my boss.

Low: It’s so beastly hot. Last year we enjoyed a really mild summer, this one appears to be on track for most like the surface of the sun. We got a great storm last night after several weeks of no rain, and I’m pretty sure you could hear a collective sigh of relief around town.

Unintentional PR match for 3 reps at 225# from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

High: Hitting 3 reps of your previous deadlift PR by accident (ie, not paying attention to what you loaded on the bar). Not a PR anymore! And yes, that look is because Angelo is continually putting the weight on the bar.

Low: KK picked up a cold from somewhere. I hate watching her struggle with runny noses and congestion. I can’t wait till she figures out blowing her nose from all the goofy demonstrations and practice we’ve tried with her. I don’t know what we’d do without the NoseFrida and Boogie Wipes.


High: My reading game is still strong. I just finished a YA called Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, and I’m almost finished with Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica, which is sooooo delightfully suspenseful. Reading really helps center me. If you don’t already, follow me on GoodReads!

Any big highs or lows for you lately?