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House project baby steps

Breakfast burritos...hmmm

Huge working weekend for us last weekend preparing the house for baby, alternatively titled “stuff we should have done much sooner.” And while we didn’t get it all done, we definitely covered a lot of ground. After coaching my favorite 8 AM Free CrossFit class on Saturday morning and a breakfast of egg burritos, we immediately went to work clearing out Kaitlan’s future room. It was still the dumping ground for so many random things…

Future Nursery - Kohler Created

We finished the closet over last weekend (finally!) and so we wanted to start patching and prepping the room to paint. This includes the ceiling and all the window trim. We got everything patched and taped, so it’s ready to go for next weekend.

Future Nursery - Kohler Created

We also picked the color. I’ve loved the idea of a darker blue/teal forever, so when Neil picked it out while we were at the hardware store, I was thrilled. Her room is going to be so fun!

We bought a new toy, a Go Pro. It had been on our list to buy for a while, and I’d been hoarding my birthday and Christmas money specifically for it.  A good deal came up at Best Buy, so it was the perfect time to buy. With Neil’s current set-up for racing not really cutting it (too many vibrations despite our efforts to damper — leading to completely useless footage), us wanting to film our kid, as well as the always film-able stuff happening at CrossFit, it seemed like the perfect addition to our arsenal.

We of course couldn’t resist testing it out on Matilda…

Go Pro Dog Mount - Kohler Created

While Neil played with the Go Pro, I finished re-organizing all our personal and business files. I also put together a file box for all Kaitlan’s documents. Baby’s first office supplies!

Dinner on Saturday night was an easy sausage and egg crustless quiche. YUM!

Easy Quiche - Kohler Created

After dinner, we finished patching and taping the bathroom to paint Sunday. I was so excited for this room to have a fresh coach of paint. I don’t know what they used, but it had yellowed and was completely gross. I actually took to cleaning it with my Swiffer mop. we also patched and taped the trim in Kaitlan’s room.

Future Nursery - Kohler Created

Sunday was a whirlwind of bathroom painting, cleaning, food prep, and attempted yard weeding. I have seriously neglected the yard (don’t even have flowers or the garden started), so I’m trying to get it all cleaned up in spurts. It’s definitely getting uncomfortable to bend and squat for long periods of time, but I’m determined to make up for negligent.

The bathroom turned out great. Yes, it’s just white, but it just feels so much more fresh.

Bathroom Repaint - Kohler Created

We finished Sunday off with some grilling and episodes of Cosmos.

BBQ - Kohler Created

Needless to say, going back to work almost felt like getting a break.

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