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The End of an Era

By December 13, 2013DIY, House, Technology

Well that sounds kind of foreboding doesn’t it? It’s actually a good thing! As of yesterday, all of the ’80s kitchen appliances are GONE!





As expected, the old Jenn-Air didn’t go down without a fight.

  1. The gas line was placed right up next to the wall making getting a pipe wrench on it impossible. To remedy this we had to cut out a square in the drywall to allow for room.
  2. The gas line was capped off and it appears the cap was glued, or fastened in a permanent way so the 12 inches of iron pipe had to be replaced.
  3. Once replaced, due to code, we had to put on a flow valve at the top of the pipe (now behind the stove).
  4. The past oven range was electric and ran on 220v that wired right in to the oven. The new oven is all natural gas, and the only thing that requires electricity is the display and the lighters. This means that it runs on standard 110v. For now we are running the cord through the floor and will get an electrician to remove the 220v and put a wall outlet in behind the stove.

Big props to Neil, who not only took almost the entire day off Monday (the original scheduled delivery day), but yesterday as well to make sure this went in okay. Here are a few more pics:




It makes our kitchen finally look somewhat intentional. Much better! And of course, I can’t leave out the chicken nuggets setting we were so enthralled by in the store, which we couldn’t resist making use of last night:


Trying out the chicken nuggets setting, we couldn't help ourselves...

Our new stove is a Samsung 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Convection Range (Model: FX710BGS) I’d like to say that we specifically sought this model out, but it was really the best one that Best Buy had that met the size and format qualifications. While I’m somewhat sad we couldn’t meet our original goal, I’m already so much happier just having something that does everything like it’s supposed to — and well!