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Kohlucks McBacheofferett

By September 30, 2014CoMo, Friends, MK, Weekend



This weekend was the third annual Kohlucks McBacheofferett party. The hilarious name stems from a combination of all the attendees last names and has changed several times to accommodate new people. It’s almost an entire weekend of good food, yard games, board games and plenty of trickery. I heard someone got “iced” from cutting into a pineapple upside-down cake after I left this year…

This was of course Kaitlan’s first year and she did awesome! Two hour solid nap with grandma in the midst of all the noise. We only had to leave when she had a complete diaper bomb around the time that she’s usually winding down for the night anyway.

Here is a cool time-lapse Neil did with the GoPro:

2014 Kohlucks McBacheofferett from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Side note: I also got some babywearing in this weekend. Love it!

Cleaning with a weighted vest. And you thought your training was extensive... #babywearing #crossfit