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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

I know people typically do these on Fridays, so I thought I’d align one with everyone this go round. Just some things I’m loving lately — even if they are weird.


The massive cups they give you at the hospital

Somehow we ended up with two of these, and they are absolutely awesome, especially if you are breastfeeding. Fill less often because they are HUGE, and you know exactly how much damage you’ve done by the end of the day. Between this and my Mio, I’m pretty much a camel…or a cow.

DIY Breastfeeding scarves and Bravado nursing bras

My mom sewed me two of breastfeeding scarves using this tutorial before I gave birth and they are awesome. Not glaringly obvious like most breastfeeding covers, and as I have a fall baby, they are perfect right now with most of my wardrobe.

The Bravado nursing bras are the first I’ve found that make me feel like a human being again. I didn’t have much luck at Target and a few of the other brands just didn’t hold up (literally), but these are completely awesome, and worth every bit of the nearly $50 I paid for them.

Asana - Kohler Created


I discovered this project management tool late last week while feeding Kaitlan (I try to get a little work done each wake-up — at around 1-2 AM and 5 AM). I’ve been using Trello forever and loving it, but I like the layout of this and the fact that they have a calendar and more of a task-based layout. You can also sort and filter and color code, so you know I’m totally digging this. Haven’t made the call if I’ll switch, but Asana is definitely making a strong case.

Veggie Stout Chili

The return of chili

With or without beans, white or read — it doesn’t matter because it’s fall and that means CHILI. I’m in heaven! We have more than a few chili recipes we’ve shared:

And now some things I’ve been reading around the web — mostly via Facebook, lately. 

I read a lot of posts on Nourished Kitchen over maternity leave (that ‘save’ feature is dangerous isn’t it?), here are a few of my recent favorites:

A few other recipes found on Facebook. Can you tell I’m thinking about food prepping and preserving?

A few of the random fitness-finds:

And finally — HUGE props to Neil for taking this week off and hanging out with Kaitlan. He is the ultimate lifehacker and she’s already napping in her Rock n’ Play better and smiling at everything. Can’t blame her, he makes me smile a lot too.

I'm evil but how could I not. First day of Neil's week as Mr. Mom apparently went well... #baby

I was not incentivized by anyone for talking about these products, I just love them.


  • Thanks so much for sharing our Jalapeno Chicken Burgers!

  • Leah says:

    I LOVE those Bravado nursing bras. Hands down my fav. You are right — worth every penny. I’ve got two of them.

    Our hospital, for some reason, didn’t have massive cups. They did give me a nice straw cup. So, I refill it often, but the straw makes it so easy to drink. I keep that cup by my bedside table so I can drink all night long. In the hospital, I’d just go refill the cup plus a one liter nalgene so I could refill my cup out of the nalgene multiple times before making the walk to the ice & water machine. On the plus side, that got me walking right away in the hospital. The nurse would refill it, but I figured the exercise was good for me.

    • Jessica says:

      Our room was *right* next to the crushed ice machine. I wish I could have one of those in my house. I seriously use ALL. THE. ICE. with as much water as I need to drink.