2 Year CrossFit Anniversary

By September 19, 2013November 3rd, 2013CrossFit, Jessica, Neil

Well my day is made...

I can’t believe I just typed those words. We’ve officially been doing CrossFit for two years. Major CrossFit love about to happen. You’ve been warned!

As of sometime this month (I never wrote it down), we have officially been doing CrossFit for two years. It’s certainly cliché to say, but I feel like I can barely remember what life was like before CrossFit. I think I had a semi-successful food blog? Woops.

You’ve probably heard dozens of people claim that it’s a lifestyle. And it is. But maybe not in the way you’d assume. It’s definitely not for lack of intensity or frequency (I am two steps from having a cot at CrossFit Fringe), but because in CrossFit you come to view fitness as a lifelong journey. It’s not a quick fix, or something you can get in a day, a week, or sometimes even a year or more. And while to some, the thought of not being able to achieve something for that long is defeating, the mindset that kind of grows within you is one of peace, even excitement for the unknown or yet to be accomplished. Early on, I found it ironic that while I was working at the very limit of what I thought possible, with music blaring and people screaming in the background, it was often the most serene and introspective part of my day. That internal composure, the confidence, — that’s what spills over into the rest of your life. It becomes part of everything you endeavor to do, and every relationship you have. Its value far exceeds custom Nanos, popping muscles and working out to look better naked.

It’s far too easy to become pacified if things are going okay in your life. I remember thinking all the time that while things weren’t going badly, they also weren’t great, but I was afraid to rock the boat and risk making things worse. I felt guilty about wanting more, expecting more, but somehow feeling like everything I did was coming up short. Something was missing. CrossFit gave me that something extra that I really needed. Now I can’t imagine living a day — even bad ones, where I’m not psyched to overcome and excel at whatever challenges are thrown at me. That’s why CrossFit is my lifestyle.

Some notable accomplishments this year:


First muscle-up (still working on kipping)
Handstand push-ups
Clean and jerk body weight (from ground or hang) 125 lbs
Achieved first pull-up and can now 50+ in a WOD
Snatch 85 lbs
Deadlift 205 lbs
Back Squat 185 lbs
Earned CFL1 and now coaching 2+ times a week


Achieved an L-sit muscle-up
Handstand push-ups
Clean and jerk 195 lbs
Snatch 115 lbs
Back Squat 270 lbs
Front squat 265
Weighted pull-up 55 lbs

I’m excited to say that most of these numbers are fairly new and mark someHow has fitness changed your life?