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No Nap Pay Off


Our insanely energetic toddler opted to skip out of BOTH naps this weekend, meaning that she passed out cold by 7 pm both nights. Typically she takes a pretty long afternoon nap and just goes to bed with us at 9:30 pm — meaning our nights are fully playtime and supportive entertainment. Her going to bed super early meant that we had the rare evening to ourselves. So I’m bloggin’.

I know my blogging is super sporadic, and I don’t mean it to be. Our nights, evenings and weekends are just entirely driven by everyone else’s needs in this season. I love blogging. I love writing, and sharing my thoughts. I love documenting all the things we’re doing, and I hate that the better part of a year has been lost to being “busy.” I’m always trying to get better.

Before I get off on a tangent, let’s get some meat into this blog post and talk about life right now.


We are entering the last week of our annual Whole30/Nutrition Challenge. I wish I’d been a little tougher on myself and opted to go both mostly Whole30 (rice/oatmeal and peanut butter have been my exceptions) and pay closer attention to my macros, but I think I might have murdered someone. Perfection is the enemy of good enough, right? Anyhow, I have some good recipes that were successful that I definitely need to share.


Like I mentioned above, KK is a mile a minute. Every day is something different and a new developmental direction to explore. Her “areas of focus” right now are puzzles, numbers, letters, and colors. She also wants to identify all the animals and the sounds they make. When we read books she wants me to identify the letters of the words over and over again. The wheels are continually turning and it’s insane trying to keep up.

We did finally leave her with a babysitter who wasn’t my parents (yeah I’m weird) a few weeks ago, and she did great! I don’t think she wanted us back. So, definitely progress there as well. The picture above is from that night, they did crafts with boxes, right up her alley.


Oh and have I mentioned that she eats us out of house and home? They don’t prepare you for that. We are currently using a stainless steel lunch bots bento box for her “snacks” and Wean Green cube class containers for her meat and veggies.

Neil scored a really good off-season deal on a new trailer last week. It’s newer and lighter, better for those longer trips we keep setting our sights on. He’s got some work to do to the car yet, and a few more things to buy, but then he’ll be ready for the season, which will be upon us really soon.

He started a new job a few months ago at CARFAX. He’s really enjoying it and always has really good stories when he comes home. It’s nice to see him so happy and a lot more fulfilled with the direction of his career, and he’s got a big week of training coming up, and KK and I will be flying mostly solo. Since he does most of the cooking I have a feeling we’ll be living on chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.


My mom and I have been bonding over our shared distaste for the Presidential situation lately. Without getting too into it, I’ve kind of dug in and have probably made more phone calls in the past 2.5 weeks than I have in several years. I was really active in college and I think my guilt for getting lazy is being made up in spades now. Plus I get to have fun with my mom and friends for good causes.

My gym work has been going really well. It’s continually the “job” I use to experiment with media and ways of doing things that I then use elsewhere. I always feel like my bucket list exceeds my available time to work, but I try to keep my expectations reasonable.

CrossFit Fringe Intramural Open

Things were starting to calm down a bit after our merge in November, but now (for reasons I can’t comprehend) there are two new affiliates in town. Guess 2017 won’t be the year we mellow out a bit. Currently playing with some interactive video, workflows and email automation and re-doing our Elements program. Oh, and we’re about to kick off CrossFit Open season. Busy busy!

Welp, back to work, thanks for stopping by!