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Not according to plan…

By September 17, 2012September 26th, 2012Beer, Food, MU, Tailgate, Weekend

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. This weekend flew by, and it was nothing like we thought it’d be. As such, I didn’t have my camera with me at any point. We entered Friday night ready for a laid-back night at home, but got a call and ended up staying out late and hanging out with friends at Broadway Brewery, a local place downtown. No pictures, but gosh we love that place. There really is a difference between food that is merely assembled and food that is thoughtfully done with care. Everything we try is amazing, and they have so much fun with their menu. And of course, the beers and ciders are always good. I really can’t say enough good things.

On Saturday, we cleaned up the house and prepared for the arrival of Rachel and Luke. Rach and I were scheduled to do a 5k on Sunday, and she and Luke were going to come up and hang with us at the Mizzou Tailgate and then find some place to chill out for the night. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), right as they were packing the car, two puppies wandered into their yard. Random right? So Rach, being the absolute pup-lover that she is, opted to stay in Springfield to figure things out, while Neil and I headed to the tailgate alone. We of course, couldn’t go without some good snacks…

Making more...

Neil's tailgate contribution this week...

Neil put together bacon-wrapped sausages, brushed with coconut sugar and baked. He called them “meat candy.” They really were like candy, and disappeared pretty quickly from the table.

Energy bites from the tailgate this weekend...

I put together a peach pie energy bite recipe I’ve been working on. I think I finally have it the way I want it, so I’ll have to share that soon.

My favorite so far!

We also picked up some festive seasonal beer. I’m on a mission to try as many pumpkin and Oktoberfest varieties as possible this fall. So far I’ve had the Arcadia Jaw-Jacker and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Both are good, but I’m a little partial to the Schlafly, which I think has a warmer spice to it.

Amazing seats!

Then our night took a complete 90-degree turn. We were headed back to our car to head home when I received a call from my friend Erica. She had a ticket to the game. I almost never get to go to games, so I was pretty excited. While Neil headed home to join friends for computer games (his favorite pastime), I treated myself to a soda and gummies and enjoyed some amazing seats in the 10th row. It was such a blast. The stadium was packed and the game was a good one, very close right down to the end.

Erica and I. Self portraits are hard...

I didn’t get home till around 10, and then Neil and I stayed up watching episodes of Workaholics. He had spent all night gaming, and neither of us were really that tired. I still wanted to run the 5k, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The idea of spending more time getting to the event than actually running it, and doing it alone, just didn’t seem worth the effort when I could run a more enjoyable out-and-back at home. So that’s what I did. I’m really trying to pump up my running now that the temps are fixed in the 70’s. It’s amazing how much easier running is when it’s not 105 degrees outside!

Did your weekend go as planned?


  • Rachel says:

    I have mixed feelings about this weekend. Really wanted some BFF time but I’m so happy to have a new puppy! Ozzy can’t wait to meet his Auntie Jess 🙂 We’ll have to plan a trip up there with him.

    • Jessica says:

      So wait, weren’t there two puppies? What happened?

      I feel kind of the same way. I’m bummed because I was looking forward to seeing you guys, but I ended up getting to go to a great game and getting some work I sorely needed to get done on Sunday. We’ll be down soon enough!

      • Rachel says:

        The other puppy, who is part hound part border collie, is at home with Becca and Toni and doing great! He is in heaven over there! Ozzy has fit seamlessly into our little pack we have going on now 🙂 Can’t wait for you to meet him-he is so funny!

  • Leah says:

    Re: pumpkin beer, I’ve really enjoyed both Shipyard Pumpkinhead and Blue Moon’s pumpkin wheat beer. Shipyard is hard to get (it’s from Maine), but it’s worth it if you can talk someone into bringing you some from their distribution area. And even better is smashed pumpkin, which is their small-batch variety. That is extra hard to get and likely requires a contact in Maine.

    Our weekend didn’t exactly go as planned. I was supposed to have a chick-flick night with a friend, but she never got (or didn’t return?) my text until the next day. So I babysat at the last minute for a friend and relaxed. And then I spent all Sunday working and cleaning. I’m a new teacher, and that stuff is a lot of work! Now, just enjoying Monday night football while I get ready for class tomorrow.