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Oh Weekend

By April 29, 2015Weekend

We had a great weekend so I wanted to give a quick update — which is tough because as you probably have seen, I tend to be really wordy.


Our weekend started off with an awesome find. I’ve been hoping for quite a while to put a little gym area in a little room we’ve been using for storage off the garage. It’s tough to do the 8-mile round trip more than 4x a week, and I was hoping that with equipment downstairs, we could sneak in some extra workouts, especially in those times where we have enough time for the workout, but not the drive and the workout.

Anywhow, Neil is an awesome bargain hunter and came across a Concept2 Rower for sale at KU (University of Kansas). It’s a refurbished Model B, with a retro-fitted PM3 computer. They were only asking $350, so we jumped on it and Neil drove out on Friday afternoon to get it. We picked up a few extra replacement parts online and on Saturday cleaned out the room to start prepping for stall mats! Pictures soon.


We also hit the Farmer’s market for some goodies, including this child-sized pie to share for dessert. Kaitlan thought it was a toy and it was a little battered by the time we ate it.

We then hit the hardware store for the beginnings of flowers, herbs and a new post for our bird feeder — you know, since our trees were pretty much wiped out by the storm last year.


Dinner both nights was fancy bruschetta with the bread, tomato, asparagus, and sausage we got at the Farmer’s Market (Feta was from the grocery store)…


…and a little ice cream splurge.


We ended the weekend with both getting our first workouts in with the rower — Neil an easy 2k and me with an adapted CrossFit Open 15.5 with KB swings at 35# instead of the thrusters. I think the neighbors were a little perplexed. Just wait till we order bumper plates!