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Our First Renaissance Fair

By October 18, 2010Clive, Friends, Jessica, Neil, Weekend

Waiting to Fight

Announcing the battles to the audience

The Knight Goes Down

He’s down!

Bostons in the Renaissance?

Apparently there were Boston Terriers around during the Renaissance! Here’s Clive meeting his ancestor Brody for the first time. Apparently the name Brody has been around longer than we thought.


The Olde-English version of ‘Castaway.’ Ye Wilson!

Clive's New Girlfriend

Clive met a girl

Ann Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn was learning how to belly dance

Weapons and First Aid Station

Weapons and first aid station. Makes sense to put them next to eachother.

Funny Label

Enough said.


Singers, all thoroughly intoxicated by 10 a.m.

Double-handled Goblets

Neil was eyeing these double-handled tankards


A suit of armor

We had a lot of fun at our first Renaissance Festival this weekend. It really is like adult dress up! We saw a lot of epic battles and admired the costumes and artisan vendors. We were definitely out of our element though. Neil chickened out on wearing his knight costume, but said that if we hit the bigger Renaissance Fair in Kansas City next year that he would wear it. I plan on holding him to that don’t worry! It’s pretty crazy to see grown men so engaged in dressing up and acting like a particular character. Our friend Bob is a regular on the “circuit” and we enjoyed visiting him in Pirate Cove. All in all a good, albeit weird time.

Sorry about the color in these, I forgot to change the settings back and there is only so much Photoshop can fix.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? What did you think?