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The Last Supercruise

By September 8, 2010Automotive, Clive, Weekend

Doesn’t that title sound a little biblical? I just realized that in all the hubub of Labor Day weekend I never got the chance to post Part 2 of our Old School Weekend! It was such a fun weekend. A full day of car events in perfect fall weather. A chance to hang out with old friends too. One last weekend with the pretty car before we rip it apart to prep it for the race cage. The show earlier in the day was more of an import gathering. The show in the evening was more of your classic car show, but everyone is invited.

Us at the Car Show

It was Clive’s first car show. He loved it of course. Anywhere he can get praise and attention for being himself right? All in all a great time. I can’t believe the season is already over! How will I make it till Spring without picnics and car events!? What will you miss most about summer?

More photos of this event are available on our Flickr.

One Comment

  • I love Clive’s face! He always looks so happy and excited. 🙂
    What will I miss about summer? This was hottest August on record in Texas, so I know I won’t miss the heat and humidity. I will miss the lake, and all the fresh fruit and veggies from the Farmers’ Market, and swimming at the lake. But besides those things, I’m ready to welcome fall!