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Race Day

By August 21, 2013November 3rd, 2013Automotive, Neil, Racing


It’s race day! We are loading up the Z and heading to St. Louis to spend some time on the track with the SCCA — well Neil is, I’m just spectating. It’s supposed to be a scorcher, so I put together plenty of drinks, snacks (both healthy and not) and sun block. Fortunately, this is an afternoon event, so we’ll be missing the worst of the heat.


I’m also throwing some books and games on the Tab 2 to keep me entertained. Technology is a mixed blessing isn’t it? While it definitely makes life easier, I sometimes think it’s given me ridiculously low attention span.

Speaking of technology, Neil bought himself a new little toy:


It’s a XGPS150, a bluetooth GPS. If you notice in some of Neil’s videos earlier this season, the GPS speed tracking is slightly erratic and more than a little inaccurate. This is because the iPhone’s internal GPS doesn’t have high enough resolutions (at 1Hz) — whereas this devices runs at 5Hz. So instead of relying on the iPhone, who isn’t asking “where am I?” enough, we now have a device that will be asking that question and collecting the data constantly. Pretty cool right?