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Road racing videos worth watching

By October 28, 2009Automotive, Racing

Below are some great vidoes of road racing!

Amazing battle at the GT2 2009 finals, watch until the very end!

Nissan GTR battles a 700hp mustang at Thunderhill, great driving!

Part 2

Nissan 350z lapping at Watkins Glen, I strive to be this fast.

Niagara PCA – Watkins Glen – 350z Onboard – October 2009 from M DeTurck on Vimeo.

Sorry for the camera bouncing/shake, the rubber stabilizer on my camera mount is starting to die. Car is on Koni DA’s with Pilot Sport Cups (265’s on all 4), weighs approx 3100lbs, it also had a ton of entry/mid corner push due to no front bumper cover, lower lip, or splitter. The two laps in the video were both 2:15.4~