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Save-the-Date Cards!

By December 7, 2008Uncategorized

Designed by myself, which was harder than I thought it would be. Neil and I are hard to peg down when it comes to…what kind of style would represent us. In life we’re pretty versatile. We like a lot of different things and aren’t singularly committed to any one hobby or interest, so of course when we were bookmarking and finding inspiration the things we liked were all over the board. It’s a good thing, but it made for a few different rounds of what ended up being the final product. Our collective style seems to be almost a clean retro whimsical-playful aesthetic. A little of Wes Anderson, a little of your favorite old movie. In any sense, I hope you like them….not that it matters because we do so you’re stuck with it. I could definately do more wedding freelance, it’s fun stuff and my rates are affordable.