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Scenes from Last Year

By January 2, 2013January 16th, 2013Crafts, Food, Holiday

New Year’s unfolded as kind of a two-day at-home extravaganza that started with Neil’s parents arriving on New Year’s Eve Eve (is that right?) for a belated Christmas overnight.


Puppy Christmas cookies for Matilda and Clive

They brought food gifts, plenty of snacks and we made personal homemade pizzas and stayed up late watching concert DVDs and talking.


Janice also taught me to crochet, which has been on my “must learn” list forever. I hope to tackle knitting next, but so far, I love keeping my hands busy with this.


They also brought a few boxes of stuff from Neil’s childhood home for him to sift through. His little childhood books and collections were so adorable, and it was fun getting to see what he was like as a child. He LOVED to write and draw, and he had the same bright orange yo-yo that I had and loved as a kid. Do they even make yo-yo’s anymore?


He’s definitely keeping a few things — like his beloved micro machines that I had to deep clean all the sand and dirt out of.


As I mentioned in our New Year’s Eve post, our travel plans had to be cancelled last-minute as Neil was needed to be on-call. To make up for the bummer, I suggested we make all his favorite snacks — littleĀ smokies in barbecue sauce, homemade Chex Mix and Deviled eggs.




He has unique tastes…

We played hours of computer games in our PJ’s and ran downstairs just in time to toast with champagne at midnight. We then continued watching movies under blankets on the couch until nearly 3 AM. It was heaven. I loved having nowhere to be and not having to drive home late at night!


Coffee and hot chocolate mixed together to keep our old bones awake late into the night…

I’m still working on compiling our goals for 2013. Neil has his, I have mine, we have ours — it’s a crazy list at this point — but I’m grateful and excited, because there are so many awesome things already on the calendar.

Do you like to go out or stay in on New Year’s?

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