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Sicky Valentine's Post…

By February 12, 2009Uncategorized

{image via flickr}

So there is this lovely early-spring head cold going around. First it got people around me, then it got Neil, now it has found it’s way to me. I have been fighting it all week and finally today succumbed resistently to having to stay home, which didn’t entirely work because I had to run to work to fix an error on the newsletter (ugh!)

I really intended to have a whole week of Valentine’s posts, containing suggestions, crossposts, the history, and neat ideas and cute stories, but here we are at Thursday, and I’m still death warmed over. But after a local commercial from a florist aired advertising a dozen roses for $69, I knew I still wanted to post about the most pressing thing on my mind, celebrating Valentine’s with creativity.

As we are very obviously in an economic poo-chute, everybody is FINALLY focusing on ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with meaning and sincerity. How exciting! Really! Not only does it finally put the most important things in focus, but it allows people to get creative and express themselves without dropping tons of cash. Here are some fun frugal ideas:

  • Have a themed dinner at home with table set and decorated with homemade decorations and items. Here’s a lady with great ideas for Valentine’s Breakfast. {via Eggs on Sunday}
  • Make a meal that has a fun process that you can share together, such as sushi, egg rolls, or lasagna. Here’s a great sushi tutorial {via Pioneer Woman}.
  • Infuse Valentine’s day into your food for the day by making it heart-shaped. This can include pancakes, muffins, cakes, candies, sandwiches. Put your creativity to work!
  • Create something for your home together. It can be as simple as a new potted plant, or a wreath or starter quilt. Create traditions that you can share together while beautifying your home!
  • Write letters to one another looking back on the past year’s moments. A great keepsake to look back on or display in a scrapbook.
  • If you are looking to get out of the house, look up free shows or coffeehouse bands for entertainment, or search online for coupons to restaurants.
  • Create music cd’s for one another with favorite songs. A list of great ideas is here
  • Leave love messages on post-its. Totally something you could do year-round!
  • Send a plethora of free e-Valentine’s, each containing a different appreciation or love for your significant other. Kate Spade has some great mod e-cards here. You’ll love these! {via Design Crush}
  • Make a date for a weekend stay-in. You know that excited feeling of being snowed in? Recreate it with a day in bed with a slew of movies books and quality time.
  • Head to your local hardware store or nursery and take advantage of early sales on flower seeds and bulbs! Enjoy your beautiful selections all season!
  • Take a drive to a local state park and go for a hike and picnic.

In the end, the theme is quality time, togetherness, and creative sentiment. If you still want to go out for diner, but want to stay frugal, consider celebrating your own Valentine’s Day AFTER Valentine’s. Who says you can only celebrate it on one day? Enjoy!

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  • Donna says:

    Get well soon! I feel your pain since I just recovered from my 3rd cold/upper resp./whatever illness of this school year. Dang. I still love those rug rats and their hugs–even with sneezes, snot, and coughs!!