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Some Friday Fun and Sweetness

By February 27, 2009Automotive, Jessica, Neil, relationship

Taken Summer, 2007

So, over the past two weeks I’ve become very addicted to Miss B’s Blog, The Blah Blah Blahg. I have over 94 blogs saved to my, and lately I’ve been skipping over quite a few for one simple reason. Lack of relatable content. It takes effort to make conversation and develop relatable content and actual thoughts, and I’m realizing that many of the blogs I’ve bookmarked just post Etsy finds and Fashion they’ve pulled from other blogs. Not that there’s nothing to enjoy about that, but when you want to escape the drudge of the week, most people seek to connect with people that they can’t in their near vicinity. She is a beautiful soul and had a fun activity I thought I’d share for Friday as we all hurry to get to the evening hours. In a time when everything seems so rushed and frightened, its important to reflect on what’s important and what (or specifically whom) we love.

Her question: What is your perfect day and who would you like to spend it with?

Go to her post and leave your answer. It’s a bit of a contest (with a prize) but I think the prize is the warm feeling of answering 🙂

My Answer: The most beautiful times I’ve always had with my fiance have been on car trips and short trips. Whether it be somewhere fairly local, or many hours away. It sounds cheesy, but when we travel, there is always this air of fantasy and its so surreal because it’s almost as if we’ve left the world. I love it and I love him very much.