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The entry of a domestic trainee and renewed foodie

By June 30, 2008Jessica, relationship

More and more I’m glad that before meeting Neil I hadn’t experimented in cooking. It’s been so wonderful to do it with someone else, and as pathetic as the results sometimes are I find myself taking pictures of our process, our “technique” and the beautiful or strange creations we concoct with ingredients no one would fathom combining. Raisins in wraps? Yeah, it’s fantastic! Shredding cucumbers? Yes it’s as messy as you could predict. I love it and it’s brought us to our new path, healthy eating. I’ve been losing weight since 2005, but have recently (in the past year) hit a stubborn plateau that I can’t seem to overcome…5 more lbs. So after giving up delivery, take-out, full sugar soda and oreos *tear*, and over time cut portions, increased fruit and vegetable intake and eliminating red meat, our new goal seems almost a sin. We’ve cut soda. We’ve cut my doritos. He’s cut his cheez-its and beer. We’re working out 4 days a week, and we’re determined. I think although the primary goal is a shape-up of our physical appearance, it’s really doing a number on our habits and routine, which has been fabulous. No more box dinners. No more frozen pizza. Fresh ingredients. Which require planning, more shopping, inevitably more money and time every evening. But we already feel better. That sodium-icky after eating a box of macaroni and cheese doesn’t exist. That sluggish feeling after a frozen pizza? no more. I think now that we are settled in our apartment, the transition was easy. We still treat ourselves, but we’re doing it smartly and it’s saving us money. If we go out to eat, we share a meal. I’m really beginning to think that living in a culture so focused on value and “getting the most for your dollar” we’ve fallen into a trap of bad food because it’s economical and large portions to feel satisfied we’ve gotten our money’s worth not enjoyed the quality of the food we’re eating.

Otherwise, we’ve had a pretty lazy week. Work is picking up with football, but I’m staying on top of it. I’m kind of taking over most of the control and lead in my school work, and staying on top of that. My brother got a new tattoo, that was fun to watch and be there for. We played games with my friend Bob, and it was tons of fun. And we watched our Sunday Night movie, and it was great! I highly recommend “The Other Boleyn Girl” to everyone. Yes, the history was off, but it’s that way in all movies, and you’ll spend glorious hours (yes it will be hours) on Wikipedia trying to figure out the mess that is the royal bloodlines. That’s what I’m doing now as Neil is sleeping away. I have five browser windows open and am currently tracking all the people that were poised to be heir to the throne along with Elizabeth I (the daughter of Ann Boleyn and Henry the VIII). So addictive. I’ve always been entranced with Queen Elizabeth, and I adored the movies with Cate Blanchett. I think I get caught up in the names most of all.

In wedding news, we’ve settled on our menu, and my parents are finagling to get an open bar, don’t gasp, it’s my family and I’m the only daughter. I’ve been recommended a vendor who makes “the best cakes in mid-missouri.” and I hope to call her soon. This week I’ll call to get our pre-marital Catholic counseling started, and then it’s dress time. This process, while exciting, is bringing out the worst in my self-confidence issues, but I’m working on it. I guess I’m realizing now that when it comes to friends, one must be assertive if it matters and while I get that, I’m still the shy girl who thinks the worst when it comes to what people think. If you ever wonder why I don’t make phone calls and kind of hide in the corner, well there you go. I rationalize like this: it could be worse, I could be needy and attention seeking and throwing myself a party and forcing everyone to be a part of my every life’s event. But I digress.