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By May 29, 2009March 19th, 2014CoMo, Family, Gardening, Jessica, Neil, Wedding

Remember when I posted pics a month ago of our beautiful house. Who knew that just a month later after tons of rain and a few days of sun, it would look like this! It’s a jungle! Can you even really see our house? Talk about privacy fence, ha. Well, we cleaned it up a bit after this so hopefully it looks a bit better. It’s been a month since we moved in and I absolutely love it. I love our neighborhood, I love our neighbors. There are so many places to walk and explore, and the houses are adorable and uniqe as are the people that live in them. I just love it. I’m glad we did it. We needed to. It’s heaven, our own little palace.

A few more pics:

Our little herb area along the back drive.

Our wedding centerpieces/favors have been planted. Shh! It’s a secret!

Neil’s peppers. We have “regular” and “Jalapeno.”

Need some tomatoes? I’m not kidding DO YOU? I definately know my “true emergence” rate for next year’s planting. I just don’t have the heart to kill any of them.

I’ll definately take more photos this weekend, as we transplant more things into our garden bed and take pictures as an update (once the jungle lawn is mowed and pretty!)

Our list of musts and wants:

  • INVITES! Assemble, address, stamp, etc. ALL OF IT!
  • Clean up house.
  • Spend time with Jim, Neil’s father who is coming to town this weekend.
  • Celebrate my brother Eric getting his first big job in Omaha!
  • More garden time, I so treasure it.
  • Pick a cake design and make appointment with HyVee to lay it on them.
  • More stuff buried in my brain somewhere.

Have a great weekend and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and seasonal fruits and veggies!

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