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Slipper Thief

By January 19, 2012January 23rd, 2012Cats, Funny


Monday was the picture of spring. Temperatures climbed into the upper sixties! We had the heat off, the doors and windows open, it was surreal. We took Clive on a long walk, and left the screen door open and locked for the cats to enjoy.


A little background. Felix gets weird when one or both of us leaves the house. He has this thing about slippers. You can’t leave your slippers out or on the floor because he will “capture” them, carry them around, and either hide them or congregate them somewhere. He’s very possessive about his “catch,” and if you approach him while he has the slippers in his mouth, he’ll attack your legs. Weeeeiiirrddddoo!


We returned from our walk to find all of our slippers in the kitchen. Usually he scatters them all over the house, but this time he arranged them in one room, facing the same way, next to their match. Pretty creepy — if you can wrap your mind around a cat carrying slippers in the first place.

Does your pet have any creepy behaviors?