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By September 18, 2009Misc., Weekend

Couldn’t help but share: Tall cupcakes.

Ever have one of those weeks where you get a lot accomplished, but its still about 50% of what you endeavored and you feel bad for feeling accomplished because there’s so much yet you need to do? Yeah, it was one of those weeks. This is going to be a crazy weekend but hopefully we’ll get a little relaxing in.


  • Sell my camera. Yup, I sold my Canon XT entry-level DSLR to my neighbor Mary, and I’m bringing it over there tonight. It’s been a goal to sell it to upgrade to a semi-pro. Next week I’ll reveal my choice.
  • Go to grocery store for Tailgate ingredients. Someone brought this to the Neighborhood Block Party and its faboosh.
  • Make dinner, chili.
  • Play WoW with Neil. We don’t get to do it enough, and its the one hobby we have together.
  • Finish chapter “Elronds Council” in LoTR.
  • Laundry


  • Gym bright and early.
  • Make salad.
  • Go to Mizzou Tailgate with Anja, see friends, etc.
  • Meet up with little brother and unofficial “little sis” and have dinner and wait for my dad.
  • Dad in town, drinks late. Its a quick in and out of town trip.


  • Yard work
  • Homework


  • Sheena says:

    First, teh tall cupcakes are AWESOME! Second, how are you liking LOTR? It’s my fave book EVER! A lot of people get bogged down in teh first book though because they say all they do is walk, when there is so muchmore too it. I love the chapter on Elrond’s Council though 🙂

  • Jes says:

    I love Lord of the Rings! I’m definately in that camp (if they were in a battle against Star Wars for best lit/movie/etc.) It is long, and Tolkien is definately a more wordy author than some, but I just get caught in all the words, languages and songs. I’m currently in book 2, and taking a little bit of time to read the new Dan Brown book “The Lost Symbol.” Elronds Council is a great chapter, because it really introduces you to the characters that will be in the rest of the book.