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Training Update: Countdown to Heart of America

By October 16, 2013November 3rd, 2013CrossFit, Jessica

First, thank you all for your kind words and messages about Kaitlan. So many people have reached out to our gym in support and it’s been healing to connect with her other family, friends and colleagues as well. Kaitlan touched so many people, especially in her short time in Hawaii. We were grateful to be able to view part of her memorial via Ustream and it was so beautiful, just like her. It’s still not easy, but that helped immensely.

I don't even know what to say...

Yes, we got them from our mamas…

It’s been a while since I gave you an update on my training, I am so sorry about that. With everything that’s been going on, plus the time spent working for the gym and the sheer about of investment training for competition has required, the time to write it all out has literally just slipped through my fingers. I honestly don’t know how 1x-2x daily bloggers do it. Where do you find the extra minutes!?

Currently, we are still training an average of 4x a week at CrossFit Fringe — having worked our way into a good balance of increased volume with what I feel is still enough rest and recovery time. We’ve opted to increase the time we work out each session vs. adding more days because not only do multiple workouts feel like its better preparing us for competition, but it’s giving us the days off we want to do other things. Obviously we’re not really serious competitors, just hobbyists at best, but it’s been fun having an extra incentive to push hard at the gym.

Ready to rock these! #CrossFit

New Rogue wrist wraps. (Note: They have an awesome promotion going on — buy three items and they ship free!)

Our workouts during the week are typically the prescribed WOD for the day + auxiliary lifting and skill work 2-3 times a week with dedicated longer workouts on the weekend with the team to build new maxes, test workouts and build comradery with our team.

While it’s been exciting to build new maxes and test every inch of what my body is capable of, this experience has really taught me the importance of training partners for competitive development. Having been in CrossFit for two years, working out with people every day is normal, but until now, I really haven’t centered in on key individuals to train with. And not just any individuals, people who are better at the things I lack in.

Pull-ups and gymnastics? Jordyn and Rosie.

Olympic lifts? Esther, Maddie and Mariah.

Running? Erica and Kendra.

I haven’t quite figured out what people come to me for, I’m in that weird place where I’m good at a lot of random things like pistols and burpees — and I do well in WODS that contain a lot of different movements. So there’s that I guess. And I have keys to the place, so I guess that makes me needed. All joking aside, it’s something I will definitely be carrying forward after this competition. If Lindsey and Sam do it, I probably should too right?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch this nearly daily — along with about 10-15 other videos to keep myself motivated. We all have a secret CrossFit/Fitness YouTube stashes don’t we?

All in all competitions are fun, PR’s are definitely validating, but above everything else, it’s been fun to spend more time with friends and be part of some amazing moments.