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By April 16, 2013April 23rd, 2013Exercise, Running


I wasn’t going to join the blogosphere in writing posts about the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I’m usually without anything profound to say when terrible events like this happen, and honestly, my immediate anger response is less than graceful and not very becoming of the person I aspire to be on a daily basis. That’s why I say so very little, on any social media platform. If we’re being honest, then I should also say some of the posts feel like grabs for attention and make me a little squeamish.

I am just so angry. How someone can not only destroy the peace, happiness and accomplishments of others (in-progress no less), but intentionally maim them and prevent them from ever doing so again is so incomprehensible to me. I can only reconcile that these person(s), whoever they are, constitute a very sad and small minority in this world and their actions are so despicable and cowardly they’ll now have to run from them for as long as it takes to find them. And we will. Good always prevails.

I’ve never considered myself a “runner” (I have a hard time giving myself any titles), because the community — both individually and collectively, had a passion I always felt eluded me. Runners high, the few times I feel like I have come close to it, is a very real thing. Runners are amazing, and I’ve always envied them, especially those with the dedication to make it to races like the Boston Marathon. I know this community will band together, and as a greater community we will be there to support them. I have no doubt this will mark a time of change, but I know we’ll come back stronger than ever and for the better. All of us.

Edited to add: This guy is brave beyond words.