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Week 2: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

By February 3, 2015Food, Paleo, Whole30

Week 2 feels much calmer than week 1, isn’t that always the case? While it still wasn’t perfect, I feel more motivated because I’m feeling the results. And I think I know why. We were having a discussion on our Challenge Facebook group and one of our members hit my biggest issue on the head:


Mindless eating. I went from hugely pregnant and barely able to finish a dinner salad to breastfeeding and always hungry in the span of two weeks. And with all the contradictory information out there about what really affects breast milk supply, I did what I do best — over-prepare, or in this case, over-eat.

Now, the negative effects weren’t by any means staggering, but I did feel bad and my mid-section was actually starting to look worse than it did when I returned to CrossFit at 6 weeks postpartum. Not good.

So while the cause was genuine (breastfeeding), it quickly spiraled out of control into eating almost whatever and whenever because I’d justify to myself that I’d likely be hungry again soon anyway. Or, in total “new parent” fashion, I’d reward myself for surviving something or getting out of the house. So while I was mostly eating healthy, it definitely wasn’t in check, and I had quite a bit of room for improvement. Optimally, I’d like to get back to something a little closer to what I maintained during pregnancy. Because in truth, what I eat is about to matter more than ever because she’s starting solids, and watching EVERYTHING we eat. While she might not have a great understanding now, that’s going to change very quickly — and I want to model the right relationship to food and wellness for her.


Excuse my finger in the shot…

As far as meals for the week, we again stayed pretty simple. We made a huge pot roast that lasted us through Wednesday for dinners (we beefed up the meal on day 3 by serving over cauli-mash, which made it taste like pot pie — yum!), and Thursday and Friday were an easy pork and veggie stir fry. I ate egg sammiches and salads for lunch and oatmeal and bananas for breakfast.


We also had our “halfway” potluck this week, which was a welcome diversion and special treat as we definitely miss eating out.


Oh, and I finally got to make bacon-wrapped pineapple. Definitely lives up to hype!


While things are manageable because we’ve kept them pretty simple, I hope next year we can do more fun meals because Kaitlan will be a bit bigger and eating right alongside us!

How was your week in food/eating?