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What worked for me in 2015

By December 23, 2015Holiday, Jessica, New Years


So last night as I was perusing a few of my favorite blogs after Kaitlan fell asleep, I came across this awesome post from Modern Mrs. Darcy. If you are a book-lover, her blog is a must-read, and even though this post was not book-focused, it was brilliant because it looked at 2015 through the very simple lens (she’s also writing what didn’t work).

So here is my list of things (both significant and somewhat funny) that worked for me in 2015:


Franklin Covey Time Matrix/Eisenhower Box

I’m a visual planner and I like to categorize, so organizing myself this way was a HUGE win. Instead of one list, I now run several organized by priority. It keeps me on target and I’m less likely to get distracted. Read more about how it works.


We recently implemented a new project management system at work, called Wrike. It is amazing. It integrates with most of my major day-to-day apps and technology, and it has some ridiculously robust reporting capability. If you’re in the market for an enterprise solution, definitely check it out. I still love Asana for freelance and consulting (Basic is FREE), so definitely check it out for 2016!

Chewable BCAAS

I tried these at CrossFit Regionals, then won some from the contest they had. They are amazing! So convenient and even though I like drinking them (tasty!) it’s often more convenient to just pop a few before or after a workout.


Aurorae Resistance Bands


After a wrist injury and consistently tired and sore muscles from very effective programming, I’ve really upped my mobility game this year, and it’s working. I try to make the time I spend mobilizing 1:1 with the time I spend working out. It feels good, and it’s relaxing, wish I’d done it sooner.

Face wipes

This will obviously blow the facade off my high-maintenance facade (so not) but face wipes were a lifesaver this year. From the mornings when I needed to dash somewhere fast, to the nights where a screaming baby kept me from properly washing my make-up off, these were a lifesaver.


Kindle Fire

Neil’s surprise gift a few months back has been a constant blessing. I carry it almost everywhere (even the movie theater), and I’m able to read so many more books, and keep notes on the things I’m reading to save for later.

What worked for you in 2015? Or didn’t. Share in the comments!